Apr 24, 2008

Look who's talking: 'Burban Mom

We here at Wild Heaven Farm would like to send a warmy, fuzzy, goaty thanks to Erin Coe, the 'Burban Mom, for her glowing (and I'm sure brutally honest) review of our products.

P.S. Does anyone else find me "beyond chirpy and upbeat"?

Apr 16, 2008

This Week's Event (mid-week) - 17th St Farmers Market

Thursday April 17 marks the opening of the 2008 season at the 17th St Farmers Market. Local growers and crafters will be out from 8:30-2 with all the handmade and homegrown goods that early spring has to offer.

If you work downtown, hop on GRTC's free Lunchtime Express shuttle, which runs every 10 minutes at stops right in front of the Market.

Be a friend, bring a friend!

Apr 15, 2008

FAQ 6: Making a batch of soap

"How long does it take to make a batch of soap?"

It takes an hour, a day, a month and a hour.

It takes an hour (sometimes longer) to get all of the ingredients to the right temperature, mix them together and pour them in the mold.

It takes a day before they'll come out of the mold.

The soaps sit on screen trays for a month to cure, that is to air dry and harden.

Then it takes about an hour to trim all the edges and wrap the labels.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. ;)

Apr 11, 2008

This Week's Event - Williamsburg Farmers Market

Is there such a thing as an anti-rain dance? We might need it.

Saturday morning, I'll be at the incomparable Williamsburg Farmers Market from 8-12 at Merchant Square. Due to their very strict farmers-only rules, I'll only have my soaps with me (I'm not allowed to sell my other products because I didn't harvest any ingredients to make them).
Don't forget, the 17th Street Farmers Market reopens for the season on 4/17!

Apr 8, 2008

FAQ 5: Milking goats

" Do you have to milk the goats every day?"

Not just every day but twice a day. Goats, like cows and any other milk animal, need to be milked morning and evening at the same time. In some instances, they're even milked *three* times a day, for example to increase production without using hormones or other funny stuff. The goats reeeeeally appreciate me being on time. Don't believe me? Call you mom. No doubt she'll be happy to regale you for hours with the joys of nursing live young. :D
Pictured to the right, my nephew Rieley, future indentured goat-milker extraordinaire.

Apr 2, 2008

FAQ 4: Lather

"Does your soap lather well?"

Yes, it does. We use coconut and palm oil in our soaps to ensure that they lather well. The longer you lather, the better the bubbles will be. Remember, to be hygienic, you should wash your hands for twenty seconds, or as long as it takes to say you A-B-C's.