Apr 8, 2008

FAQ 5: Milking goats

" Do you have to milk the goats every day?"

Not just every day but twice a day. Goats, like cows and any other milk animal, need to be milked morning and evening at the same time. In some instances, they're even milked *three* times a day, for example to increase production without using hormones or other funny stuff. The goats reeeeeally appreciate me being on time. Don't believe me? Call you mom. No doubt she'll be happy to regale you for hours with the joys of nursing live young. :D
Pictured to the right, my nephew Rieley, future indentured goat-milker extraordinaire.

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Veron said...

My hubby and I are so amused to see one of our neighbors walk his goat on Sadler road near the busy Innsbrook area. Just this weekend I told him I want to move to a farm and have a goat, a duck, a pot bellied pig and a big dog as pets.