Aug 15, 2008

Rising costs, but good news

It could hardly be considered breaking news if I told you that the cost of our feed, supplies, fuel and sundries has been steadily on the rise. You already know that because the cost of products you buy for your own family continues to climb. Some companies, major ice cream manufacturers for example, have avoided raising prices by decreasing the size of the items, sometimes by as much as 25%

The good news? Wild Heaven Farm has not raised one single price nor reduced the size or quality of any of our products.

This is not to say that economically-motivated concessions haven't been called for. By way of example, Patchouli essential oil is now more than $120 per pound, plus shipping, which yields me 4 batches of soap. Rather than raise prices, I have opted to cut back production on Peaceful Patchouli soaps to compensate for the increase.

The raising cost of everything has a silver lining as well. Just as Americans have cut back on miles driven for the first time in....ever when faced with higher fuel costs, we have been finding new ways to increase efficiency and thrift. Our new cigar band labels, which are almost indistinguishable from the previous ones, allow us to get 20% more labels per page with no wasted margins. (Now if only we could find some way to save on goat feed.)

Don't forget about Arts in the Alley next weekend! And you can always find me at the 17th St Farmers Market on Thursdays from 8:30-2.

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