Sep 3, 2008

Style Weekly does good (finally)

When the most recent Style Weekly article about the 17th St Farmers Market began popping up on local blogs, I cringed and almost didn't click the link. Thankfully, I did, because the article is even-handed and expounds on the central problem the vendors face - the apathetic lack of management from the City. How can it be September and no manager is in place? It doesn't take 9 months to fill that position.

Speaking on managers, here's some happy scuttlebutt, former manager Kathy Emerson has expressed interest in being the manager again. After failing to promote Adam Nathanson to the position, the City owes it to the vendors and customers of the 17th St Farmers Market to hire Emerson. She knows the job and did it better than the last five. Kudos of course to current assistant manager Linette Bond, who is doing an incredible job considering she's doing the work of two people with no help or latitude from the city.