Nov 28, 2008

Product Availability: Moisturizing Creme

Effective immediately, we are having to suspend the production and sale of our Handmade Moisturizing Creme, a.k.a. lotion. The tin roof in our 130 year old farm house has apparently been leaking slowly for a long period of time, evidenced by the fact that the drywall ceiling in the main room has begun to spontaneously cave in. In the moist materials over our heads, we were chagrined to discover mold. I hardly need to tell you what a health problem mold can be. Because lotion is an aqueous product of neutral pH, it's Club Med for mold growth. Therefor, we are unable to make any more lotion until we can get the ceiling and roof fixed. Better to be safe than sorry, as they say. We will make it available on the website as soon as we possibly can. Thanks for your patience.

Be sure to check us out at the Holiday Market at the 17th St Farmers Market on December 5 from 5-9.

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