Dec 16, 2008

Now available in "eco-friendly".

The biggest thing about 'going green' is that it's actually a lot of little things, like the printing on the goats' feed sacks being done with soy ink or our recent 20% reduction in label paper. Wild Heaven Farm is proud to announce yet another teeny, tiny effort to help the planet and reduce our carbon footprint - an eco-friendly version of the website. Available on all browsers except Internet Explorer, you can select Eco-Friendly from the View drop-down (in Firefox, it's under Page Style) and the attractrive vertical stripe background goes black, thus using less electricty in your monitor. Brilliant! Thanks again, Web Penguin.

Dec 14, 2008

Unapologetically cute

Normally, I keep this blog very business-oriented, but here's a little foray into the realm of cute for the sake of cute, my two oldest newphews, whom I call Rieley and Biscuit, singing their favorite Christmas song.

Dec 3, 2008

Holiday Market at 17th St Farmers Market

After the Grand Illumination, once you've marveled sufficiently at the stoic herd of electrified deer, head straight over to the 17th St Farmers Market for another Richmond tradition. There you'll find hand-crafts, decor and gifts that simply don't exist in the mainstream retail world.

Here's what Linette Bond, assistant manager at the Farmers Market, told me about some of the other great things that are planned for the Holiday Market:

"George [the manager] is going to be dressed up as Santa with another associate of ours from the main office as Mrs. Claus and we’ll have pictures taken for the kids (and you may even see a couple of elves!), live Christmas trees for sale, hot cider & wassail from Halligan’s, a fire-pit to keep us warm, holiday lights, the Henrico Pops Chorus live and a Tuba Christmas, of course! I have it on good authority that Santa himself will even have his Tuba to play along. ;-)"

Now isn't that way better than the mall?