Feb 21, 2009

Seasonal Fragrances for 2009

Here at Wild Heaven Farm, we keep a stable of soap fragrances year-round and rotate out seasonal fragrances. For the first time in the history of ever, here is a special preview of limited-edition scents for 2009.

April: Cherry Blossom - Washington DC's got nothing on us!

May: Strawberry Tart - the syrupy sweet beginning of summer.

June: Summer Vacation - if it's summer-y, it's in here, like pineapple, bergamot, sunflowers and ocean rain

July: Green Fairie - a fresh and zesty green scent

August: Pina Colada - bet you're singing that song now, huh? :)

September: Apple Cider - smells the apples, not just the cinnamon

October: Harvest Moon - an engaging autumnal fragrance

November: Cranberry Celebration (watch out for possible Thanksgiving-scented soap)

December: Santa's Pipe - a cherry-vanilla cavendish

I ask only one thing of my loyal followers - be prepared for these soaps *not* to be ready on the first of the given month and for them to possibly run out before the month is done.


Sharon said...

Can't wait for the seasonal scents. How about a soap of the month club?

Mary Kroll, Wild Heaven Farm said...

(Hope you check back, I couldn't access your profile)

That was an idea we tried in the early years of the business, but no one ever purchased it. Perhaps its time has come. If you don't mind me picking your brain, what would you expect from the service and at what price?