Apr 14, 2009

Odds from the farm

What a great way to start a Monday. Yesterday morning, I hosted two visitors to the farm during morning chores for a milking lesson - a nun and her sister. Her actual sister, not another nun. I met Sister Eva, the nursing director of the local house of Little Sisters of the Poor, (who are having a French food festival this weekend, by the way) at the Church Hill Irish Festival. She had her younger sister Anna, an aspiring vet tech visiting from Pennsylvania, in tow at Easter on Parade. They seemed thrilled to hear that we let folk come out the farm and scheduled their visit for the next morning, the only time that would work before Anna had to go home. We all had a great time. Eva in particular had lots of great questions. Here's a pic of us, with me in my fuzzy first thing in the morning' best. Don't think I need to tell you which sister is which. :)

P.S.: To the sister and her sister, sorry if I goofed your names up, hope I was close.

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