Apr 28, 2009

Of Supplies and Demand

What the average person doesn't know about soap, amongst other obscure facts, is that it requires four weeks of curing time. That means that after it comes out of the mold, it needs to sit and air-dry and harden so it won't melt like buttah when you use it. Additionally, this means that each winter I have to begin laying out money for supplies a month before I can hope to start bringing any money in. This typically creates an early-spring lurch wherein I don't have a lot of product for the first few shows. Sell a little soap, buy a little bit of supplies, sell a bit more soap buy a bit more supplies, etc.

This year, however, things aren't progressing as they should. It's the cusp of May and my soap bins are nearly empty. It's been 'sell a little soap, buy the tiniest amount of supplies, sell slightly less soap, buy slightly less supplies.' Being financially restricted to purchasing my oils, labels, and what-have-you in the smallest available increment means paying a higher per unit price, thus further harming net profits in a period of reduced sales. What that translates to it a vicious cycles of skipping craft shows and farmers markets for want of products, then not making any money to buy supplies to make more product.

So if you see my table looking a little bare, please be patient and come check out what I do have. If you don't see me in my usual venues at all, at least you'll know why.

Be sure to stop by my booth at this weekend's Arts in the Park and (most) Thursdays at 17th St Farmers Market.

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