Jun 1, 2009

A funny exchange

Tilling an 85' by 45' garden with a flower bed-sized tiller had been an arduous task at best. Ever so badly, I wanted to rent a great big, self-propelled tiller, but they have to be moved on a trailer and I don't have one. Thankfully, the counter man at the United Rental mentioned off-hand that trailers are only $15 a day to rent. If only someone had told me that when I called to check prices three weeks earlier!

That rented tiller absolutely devoured the garden plot, turning over the dirt for me in about an hour and half. As the counter man was processing the equipment return, he started to make small talk.

Counterman: So, you're putting in a vegetable garden?

Me: Yeah, for us and to take the surplus with to 17th St Farmers Market when I'm selling my soaps.

A Loader, leaning against the counter: No, she's putting in a meat garden. What else would it be?

Counter: Well...c'mon now, you know what I mean.

Me: Actually, we're fattening some pigs for the family this year and they'll be eating from the garden, so it kind of is a meat garden.

Loader: Are they eating everything from the garden?

Me (seeing where he's going with this): I'm made of meat.

Loader: Yeah, but you're more water than the pigs are.

Me (wow, this guy's dedicated to his point): I'll have to look that up. I know anatomically-speaking, we're very similar.

Thankfully, just then, a receipt came across the counter for me to sign. Goodness knows where the debate would have gone from there. :)

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