Jul 27, 2009

Countdown to Shockoe Chef Showdown!

If you missed last year's Shockoe Chef Showdown at 17th St Farmers Market, you owe it to yourself to go this year. A dozen local restaurants will be on hand doing marvelous tasting plates and some of the chef will participate in a live Iron Chef-style competition at 2. There will be free kids activities and live music all day and of course crafters, artisans and growers with fine wares on offer.
Last year's Showdown was a great event to do. Not only did I have good sales figures, but every time there was a lull in customers, I ran to a different restaurant's booth for a tasting plate. There was everything from bar-b-que to cold soba noodles to abusively hot but very tasty Ethiopian chicken, and I must have tried it all!

(grapic by Linette Bond)

Jul 14, 2009

Regarding our absences from the South of the James Market (Forest Hill Park)

"Are you still doing the South of the James/Forest Hill Park market?" folks ask me.

In theory, yes. In actuality, no, apparently. I've been scheduled to be there once or twice a month all season. However, as things began to get tough for the business, I had to sit out some Saturdays for lack of product. Then of course, we were closed for a month of so. Now we're back up and running, but no sooner did I re-start the website, but so many orders flooded in that I'm about out of product again - popularity is a double-edged sword.

So if you don't see me at South of the James market on a date you'd expected to, it's because I don't have a whole Saturday's worth of product. Rest assured, you can always find me Thursday morning at 17th St Farmers Market in Shockoe Bottom. Be sure to check our calender of upcoming events often for changes. I try to keep it as accurate as possible.

Jul 6, 2009

Speaking of triumpant returns, it's time for Shockoe Tomato

The typical, oppressive summer heat-and-humidity combo may be holding off for the time being, but one July tradition is upon us - Shockoe Tomato Festival at 17th St Farmers Market.

This Saturday (7/11) from 11-5, head down to the Bottom for all things red, ripe and wonderful. Admission and parking are free and there are kids' activities and face-painting all day. The New Oldz will be playing and there's a Tastiest Tomato competition at 2 and the nearly-world-famous Hot Tomato Talent Contest at 4. If you've never seen the Hot Tomato Contest, you've never really lived. Email the staff at the market to sign up to compete.

Me, I love Shockoe Tomato and wouldn't miss it for the world.