Aug 17, 2009

A swiftly tilting schedule

'You cannot plan enough'. That's been a motto of mine for years now. But maybe I need to update the mantra to, 'You cannot plan enough for contingencies.' Left and right, I'm finding out that I won't be doing shows that I was counting on and am left scrambling for substitute events.

On that note, keep a close and constant eye on our calendar for changes, such as adding (hopefully) Chesterfest and Blackstone Arts and Crafts Festival and loosing Indian River Craft Show and Newport News Fall Festival of Folklife (which I'm going to try like hell to weasel my way in to).

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Aug 13, 2009

Front Page News!

Huge thanks to Elyse Reel for her incredibly informative article on the front page of this week's Chester Village News.

Grab your free copy at locations like The Weekend Brewer or Old Dominion Animal Clinic. (There are tons more, but those are the only two I can think of right now.)