Jan 29, 2010

Live Nude Goats!

Okay, it was a cheap gag, I admit, but who am I to resist a cheap gag? :)

Coming to you live from the living room at Wild Heaven Farm, live baby goats! Tune in here to watch the knobby-legged little sweeties as they romp together in their pen. While odds are good that the kids will be sleeping when you tune in (they're babies; they do a lot of that), the cuteness of them learning to stand and walk - like Bambi on the frozen pond - more than makes up for it.

We'll be broadcasting every day that we have enough baby goats, so you can probably surmise that it's not a set schedule. For the most up-to-the-minute announcements, be sure to follow us on Twitter or become a fan of our Facebook page.

Feel free to leave comments on any of the pages. We love to hear from you.

Jan 21, 2010

You got here how?

Periodically, it's good to check out the stats for your website - see how many hits you're getting, where they're coming from, even what browsers was used (to the 12.7% of people still using Internet Explorer 6, that came out in 2001, it's time to upgrade).

The most interesting field is easily the search terms that lead people to our site. Here are some noteworthy examples from a recent check:

wholesale baby butt care products
hand raising baby goats
lavender solid lotion 2.50
wild heaven farm basavanagudi (ok, that's in southern India)
where to buy beautiful bars of soap for wholesale (yay, me!)
lips vago purchasing shops
where to buy groundhogs (...k)
дойки (it means "milking" in Russian, apparently)
ирисы бородатые ("irises are bearded," we have a winner!)

Well, we don't mind how you got here, we're just glad you came.

Jan 16, 2010

Yes, Virginia, there is a soap CSA

The best part of my job, far and away, is interacting with my customers. From inviting a passer-by to "Come on up and have to sniff" to greeting regular customers, helping people find the products they're looking for, even if they're not completely sure what they want, is what sustains me in my business. I have been extremely fortunate, you might even say privileged, to have developed such a loyal following here in the Richmond area as well as in Tidewater.

Today marks the official launch of the 2010 purchase period for Wild Heaven Farm's Soap CSA. What is a CSA, anyway? So glad you asked. That answer and more await you in our Frequently Asked Questions. Community-Supported is also known as "subscription farming." You buy a subscription from a local farmer just like you buy a subscription to Time or Newsweek, but instead of receiving a magazine each week, you receive a "share" of fresh, locally grown or raised fruit, vegetables, eggs, honey, and in our case, soap.

What's in it for you? How about free soap and skin care products? Every shareholder receives shopping credit beyond the price of their share, as much as a 15% bonus. The larger the share, the more free product you can pick up. Shareholders also get first dibs on our fantastic seasonal fragrances, all season like Cherry Blossom, Pina Colada, Harvest Moon and Santa's Pipe.

During last year's soft launch, CSA pick-ups were restricted to 17th St Farmers Market and Williamsburg Farmers Market. Even now, we're in talks with other local markets to provide more pick-up locations. The tentative plan is to be at 17th St every Thursday (or every other Thursday), Lakeside Farmers Market and Byrd House Market (alternating) every other week, and South of the James Market once or twice a month.

Signing up is easy. For those with an online shopping inclination, simply visit our website and purchase a share the same way you're buy a bar of soap. You'll receive an email with your CSA agreement to sign and mail back (or drop off if you'll be seeing us in person). If you'd prefer to pay by check, simply print out the agreement and mail it in. Fill out both section - the bottom is your receipt, which you'll get at your first pick-up. It's just that easy!

If you know someone who buys our products, but isn't into social networking, please pass this along.

2010 looks like its going to be a great year and we can't wait for spring to come so we can get back out to the farmers markets and craft shows and do what we do best. Don't forget, you can get the most up-to-date news by following us on Twitter or fan-ing our Facebook page.

Jan 8, 2010

Good karma and free soap

For the first time in our eight years of business, Wild Heaven Farm is offering a downloadable, printable coupon for a free bar of soap! The catch? Well, there's two. First, you have to buy something (not too hard, I hope). Second, the coupon is only valid when completed with a heart-shaped Virginia Blood Services, "Be nice to me, I gave blood today" sticker. These coupons are good all year and you can use as many as six, since you can donate six times in a year.

To get your coupon, simply visit our website or fan our Facebook page, you'll find it in the Photos tab.

Now, these coupons are only good in person at a craft show or farmers market. While it's still a little while til those start back up, why not start accumulating the coupons now. Monday January 11th, Virginia Blood Services is holding a huge donation drive at the Sheraton West on Midlothian Tpk. There's lots of free food, swag and you can actually get a t-shirt in your own size (a big deal for petites like me!

Did you know donating a pint of blood burns 450 calories? Helps to off-set all that free food. :)

Jan 4, 2010

And the winner is...

During the three days of Busch Gardens' Christmas Town that fell after Christmas, we held a contest at our booth to help name our latest fragrance. It's one of the best scent blends I've encountered in a long while, containing "Juicy Berry, Soft Mimosa, Apricot Nectar, Vanilla Musk, Sensual Amber, and Precious Woods." I fell in love with it instantly, but the correct nomenclature escaped me, so I turned to our customers for help. From the dozens of entries we received were such varied suggestions as "Tranquility," "Heavenly Goat," "River Wash," and "Kiss Me in the Morning." But as with all contests, there can be only one winner.

The winner of the $20 Wild Heaven Farm gift certificate/online shopping credit is (drum roll, please) "Opalescent," submitted by Kenny Tyler, an employee of Busch Gardens who declined or forgot to leave me his email address. If anyone out there knows Kenny, please tell him he's won and to email me to claim his prize.

Look for more contests as we go through this year. For the next prize, we're considering 'a baby goat's weight in product.' What do you think?

Jan 1, 2010

New year, new you (well, new us, anyway)

Like a hiccup on your favorite LP (which is like a giant, black cd for you kids), January 1st has come around again. It's the day when diets start and cigarettes are forsaken, when people resolve to improve themselves in the coming year. Well, it's no different for businesses. Over the course of the last few weeks, we here at Wild Heaven Farm have been thinking of ways to improve our business in the coming year.

All of the products you know and love will remain the same, have no fear, but things like booth display will be improve to better showcase them. New fragrances will be added to our catalog of soaps, focusing on distinctive blends of natural essential oils. Liquid soap is also a possibility, though the exact, right consistency continues to allude me in my test batches.

I resolve to use social networking to its fullest, starting with these gorgeous, simple urls for our Twitter (wildheavenfarm.com/twitter) and Facebook (wildheavenfarm.com/facebook) pages. (If you're currently a Friend of my personal profile, be sure to zip on over to the business page and become a fan to get in on special deals and exclusive announcements, as I will be separating the two as we go along.)

Furthermore, I resolve to save you money on your soaps. Returning customers currently receive 10% off on all purchases, but the pot will be further sweetened in 2010 by the introduction of our soap CSA for local customers and a Referral Bonus program for local and distant soap-lovers alike. Be looking for updates on both of these are we hammer out the details.

I can't wait for spring when the farmers market reopen. Kun hei fat choy! (that's Happy New Year in Chinese)