Jan 8, 2010

Good karma and free soap

For the first time in our eight years of business, Wild Heaven Farm is offering a downloadable, printable coupon for a free bar of soap! The catch? Well, there's two. First, you have to buy something (not too hard, I hope). Second, the coupon is only valid when completed with a heart-shaped Virginia Blood Services, "Be nice to me, I gave blood today" sticker. These coupons are good all year and you can use as many as six, since you can donate six times in a year.

To get your coupon, simply visit our website or fan our Facebook page, you'll find it in the Photos tab.

Now, these coupons are only good in person at a craft show or farmers market. While it's still a little while til those start back up, why not start accumulating the coupons now. Monday January 11th, Virginia Blood Services is holding a huge donation drive at the Sheraton West on Midlothian Tpk. There's lots of free food, swag and you can actually get a t-shirt in your own size (a big deal for petites like me!

Did you know donating a pint of blood burns 450 calories? Helps to off-set all that free food. :)

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