Jan 1, 2010

New year, new you (well, new us, anyway)

Like a hiccup on your favorite LP (which is like a giant, black cd for you kids), January 1st has come around again. It's the day when diets start and cigarettes are forsaken, when people resolve to improve themselves in the coming year. Well, it's no different for businesses. Over the course of the last few weeks, we here at Wild Heaven Farm have been thinking of ways to improve our business in the coming year.

All of the products you know and love will remain the same, have no fear, but things like booth display will be improve to better showcase them. New fragrances will be added to our catalog of soaps, focusing on distinctive blends of natural essential oils. Liquid soap is also a possibility, though the exact, right consistency continues to allude me in my test batches.

I resolve to use social networking to its fullest, starting with these gorgeous, simple urls for our Twitter (wildheavenfarm.com/twitter) and Facebook (wildheavenfarm.com/facebook) pages. (If you're currently a Friend of my personal profile, be sure to zip on over to the business page and become a fan to get in on special deals and exclusive announcements, as I will be separating the two as we go along.)

Furthermore, I resolve to save you money on your soaps. Returning customers currently receive 10% off on all purchases, but the pot will be further sweetened in 2010 by the introduction of our soap CSA for local customers and a Referral Bonus program for local and distant soap-lovers alike. Be looking for updates on both of these are we hammer out the details.

I can't wait for spring when the farmers market reopen. Kun hei fat choy! (that's Happy New Year in Chinese)

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