Jan 21, 2010

You got here how?

Periodically, it's good to check out the stats for your website - see how many hits you're getting, where they're coming from, even what browsers was used (to the 12.7% of people still using Internet Explorer 6, that came out in 2001, it's time to upgrade).

The most interesting field is easily the search terms that lead people to our site. Here are some noteworthy examples from a recent check:

wholesale baby butt care products
hand raising baby goats
lavender solid lotion 2.50
wild heaven farm basavanagudi (ok, that's in southern India)
where to buy beautiful bars of soap for wholesale (yay, me!)
lips vago purchasing shops
where to buy groundhogs (...k)
дойки (it means "milking" in Russian, apparently)
ирисы бородатые ("irises are bearded," we have a winner!)

Well, we don't mind how you got here, we're just glad you came.

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