Feb 21, 2010

Goat Names and Gift Baskets

Another whirlwind kidding season has come and gone. What a month it was. There were days I had to give as many as 34 bottles.* Having three different groups of babies on three different feeding schedules really ties up your day, I'll tell you that for nothing. Now that all of the babies have gone on to their new homes to be pets or future milkers or studs, I can take a breath and dive headlong into soap-making, which I've been dying to start.

All told, we have ten kids, split evenly between bucks and does (that's plural "doe"), which is not bad considering our third year, we only got one girl out of eleven kids. From left to right, their names are Nell, Vic, Dolly, Benny, Lori, Hyde, Poppy, Cody, Cotton and Dex.

Every year, we have a theme when naming the babies. In the past, we've used everything from herbs & spice, to cars, to deadly poisons. This year's theme was ... well, I'm not gonna tell you. :D Wild Heaven Farm is pleased to announce our latest contest "Goat Names and Gift Baskets." If you are the first person to guess the naming theme for 2010, you will receive a gift basket of soaps and skin care products worth at least $20, shipped to you at no charge. Three honorable mentions (close guesses or most creative) will receive a free bar of soap with their next purchase.

To enter, email your guess(es) to wildheavenfarm@yahoo.com or leave them on our Facebook page. It's just that easy! The winner will be announced March 1. Enter as many times as you like, but try to put multiple guess on each email/post just to keep things from getting cluttered. Family members, close friends, and anybody I've already told is not eligible to enter.

*Why do we bottle-feed at all?, you might ask. Taking the kids off their mothers and bottle-feeding allows us to make sure that each and every kids gets all the milk they need, as well as prevents them from getting sick if a doe has mastitis, which is almost a given. Handling the goats so often also makes them very personable and friendly We benefit from the arrangement by being able to re-home the kids sooner, since we need the milk for soap but you can't have milk without babies.

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