Feb 25, 2010

The Month that Was: February; plus contest winner!

February simply flew by, one day here and the next gone. Here we are on March 1st, the first day of meteorological spring, looking back on the month that was.

All of my attention was taken up by that baby goats, who at their peak required as many as 34 individual bottles a day. We had a total of ten baby goats born here on the farm, half girls and half boys.

Their names were Nell, Vic, Dolly, Benny, Lori, Hyde, Cotton, Cody, Poppy, and Dex. In honor of this crop of cute kids, we held a contest to guess the theme we used to name the baby goats this year.

And the winner is...(imagine a spirited drumroll right about here)... Blair Neher of Chester. He guessed "prescription drugs" which is certainly close enough to "schedule II narcotics," the actual theme. (While this may seem an odd way to name animals, bear in mind that my husband's had four spinal surgeries over the last ten years, so it's an everyday things for us.) Blair will receive a gift basket, shipped free, containing products of his choice from our complete line.

We also have an honorable mention, who receives a coupon code good for $5 off their next order, Susan Watson for "[a]ccording to the Midwest Historical and [Genealogical] Society, they are the names of people who died in 1995," based solely on the face that I love research and she really worked on it.

Other entries included movie titles, names of soaps, rabbits, references to the movie Avatar (which I didn't see, cuz it stole the name from my favorite cartoon-cum-movie), Robert Louis Stevenson characters, boats, mobsters, Tiger Woods' mistresses, most popular names of a certain decade, and "possibly the names of characters in a book I "read" back in school."

Thanks to everyone who entered. Hopefully, we can do another contest very soon. In the meantime, keep your eyes on our Twitter and/or Facebook page for news of our upcoming referral program, which will reward all of our customers who are kind enough to recommend our products to others.

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