Feb 1, 2010

The month that was: January

What a great start to 2010! Normally, winter is a dreary, dragging-on down-time, but we've been busier here at Wild Heaven Farm than any winter since we started our goat milk soap business. It's been a month of planning and preparation, as well as the launches of some new programs.

Here's the month in review:

"I gave blood; give me soap!" On 1/ , we posted our first-ever downloadable coupon. It's good all year, can be used up to six times and entitles you to a free bar of soap with purchase. The catch? It's only valid when you complete it with a heart-shaped "Be nice to me/I gave blood today" sticker from Virginia Blood Services. Give a pint of blood, lose 450 calories, save three lives, get cookies and Donald Duck orange juice, and get yourself a coupon for a free bar of soap. That's a win times four!

Virginia's only soap CSA That's no exaggeration. We offer the only soap CSA for 500 miles and the only soap CSA in the country that also offers lotion, lip balm, shaving products, baby products and more. If that's not something to shout about, I don't know what is. "But, goat lady, what *is* a CSA?" The answers to all of your questions lie within. If you purchase from us in-person regularly, a CSA share will save you money.

Live Nude Goats! (I can't help it, that's still makes me smile.) Ever wonder what a newborn baby goat looks and acts like? Have you ever seen a full-grown mixed-breed dog clean and nurture newborn triplets? Tune into our live webcam to watch baby goat kids as young as five minutes old in their pen. Even sound asleep, they're disarmingly cute.

Taped before a live studio audience Baby goat cam not broadcasting? No problem. Head over to our new YouTube channel for more adorable footage of the kids.

Looking ahead, February brings more cool news.

Speaking of webcam... How would you like free product or free shipping just for reposting/retweeting a message that the baby goat cam is on?

"You've got to try this soap." We have always been very grateful to customers who pass our products on to their friends and family. Starting February '10, your kindness will be rewarded when we launch our (yet to be named) referral bonus program.

"...and this is my job." So I didn't get on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, I 'm not bitter (much). Follow our Youtube channel to see the raw footage we'd taped to send in to Discovery Channel. (The goat lady who did get on just sent him a bar of soap. Why didn't I think of that!?)

To hear about these and other exciting new programs and events as they happen, follow us on Twitter or become our fan on Facebook.

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