Mar 18, 2010

This Weekend: Church Hill Irish Festival

From the website of one of my favorite events:

Join us for the 25th Annual Church Hill Irish Festival on March 20th and 21std in historic Church Hill. The festival will begin Saturday at 10:00 a.m with a walking parade to include traditional Irish music and dancing. The celebration will continue with a street festival in front of St. Patrick's Church on North 25th Street between Broad and Franklin Streets and will run from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on Saturday and 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday.

Traditional Irish musicians, bagpipers and dancers will perform throughout the weekend. This year's lineup includes Uisce Beatha; the Janet Martin Band; Andy, Cindy and Then Some; Page Wilson; Gary Gerloff; Tinkers Damn; Bart Chucker Band; Susan Greenbaum and many other local favorites. We will also have a Bluegrass Stage (see our Saturday and Sunday schedules for more info.)

In addition to great entertainment, there will be plenty of family fun, including children's games, face painting and Irish-themed crafts. Over thirty Irish vendors will be in attendance! Food and refreshments will also be available. Enjoy wonderful "Irish Lasagna" prepared by the Ladies of St. Patrick's, "Fish and Chips" and other favorites provided by Rare Olde Times Irish Pub, and many more.

A huge children's play area will be sponsored by the great folks from "Connor's Heroes", an organization that assists families and children who are fighting childhood cancer.

Proceeds benefit the St. Baldrick's Society and their fight against childhood cancer, the Church Hill Association, the Church Hill Crime Watch, Richmond Hill, Child Saver's Clinic of Richmond, St. John'n Church, the St. Peter's Meals Program, Stone's Circle of Friends and many other neighborhood causes. Proceeds also benefit the historic preservation of St. Patrick's Church, a "little church with a big heart" built in the 1850's by Irish Immigrants to Richmond, and its outreach programs.

A $2.00 donation will be collected at the gate. Sponsored in part by Guinness & Harp Beer and our friends at Loveland Distributing.

We kindly ask that you leave all pets at home. For more information, please call 804-356-1093.

Vendors don't get their booth assignments until we show up Friday evening to set up, but I should be near the firehouse end, where I've been in previous year.

See you there!

Mar 16, 2010

A goat by any other name OR The unbearable cuteness of being

Animals lover will bear me out on this. It comes to pass at times that you have a name all picked out for a new animal and you really dig it, but it doesn't fit or it quickly looses its luster. That's happened here with our newest buckling, the cutest baby goat in the history of ever. His original moniker, Penn, kept up with our numeric naming theme, but just didn't suit him.

His new name is Boy. Right now, we're calling him Baby Boy, because he is the sweetest little cuddle-wumpkin we've ever had. Look at his little pink nose, a first around here. He's also the only goat we've ever seen with an interrupted black dorsal stripe. He looks like he walked under a spilt can of paint.

As he grows, I imagine we'll cut it back to just Boy. But if he grows up anything like his dad (below), he'll go back to being Baby Boy for a good old ironic nickname, like Slim or Tiny.
Stagelight Painted Dreamscape, Boy's sire, looks like a cross between our first buck Belle-Rive Rainbow Warrior (we called him "Chief") and a Brahma bull.

Mar 12, 2010

Deja vu, goat-style; or How I spent my birthday

Another year has come around, as they will do every 365 days or so. Yesterday happened to be my 31st birthday. Great thanks to all the people who wished me well on Facebook. It's marvelous, this social networking. I feel ever so popular. :D

We experienced a strange coincidence. For a second year, our new Nubian buck was delivered on my birthday, and this one is quite possibly the cutest goat in the history of ever. His name is Penn, as he's our fifth buck.

For those who remember Ford from last year, he's still with us, but in a stroke of bad luck of such astronomical odds that could only befall our family, Ford has no to say this when sensitive types might be reading...there are no eggs in his basket, no coins in his change purse. I mean to say, he doesn't have any apparent testicles, which is a real problem for a stud. It's sort of his only job requirement. He's on his last chance with Prieka, a vial of whose blood I'll be sending off for a pregnancy test next week. (No, I don't think I can use the ones from the drugstore, not that I haven't thunk of it.)

After much very important video game playing, Carcassonne with hubby Kevin and Tetris Party with best friend Alan in England, it was off to lunch with my Mom, her household and my older sister, Hope. If you haven't been to Dragon King Buffet in the Chesterfield Meadows shopping center, run, don't walk. The restaurant is gorgeously appointed, with a hand-painted mural along an entire wall and a giant fountain above an indoor koi pond. Sorry I don't have any pictures; I didn't want to be 'that guy.' In addition to two steam tables of typical Chinese buffet fare, you also get sushi, Mongolian bar-b-que, and desserts including real ice cream. All that for less than a sawbuck.

Milk the goats real quick and it's off to Penny Lane Pub. If you like a nice nosh, a dark beer and trivial trivia, head upstairs on Wednesdays, but get there early. We...did not. It was packed in there, whatever state of crowdedness comes between 'standing room only' and 'tragic second flood collapse.' The fellow tending bar, who had the air of a manager, told me his name and the names of everyone working upstairs, which I of course promptly forgot. But it was nice, it made me feel like a person of very importance. He even poured me a free shot called a Limerick Kiss

Never pass up the chance to eat at Penny Lane. Two friend scarfed down cottage pies with gusto. I had the Beckham and Owen, a sausage roll and meat pie with mashed potatoes and veggies and a healthy ladle brown gravy. The trivia turned out to be Irish-themed, as they're not doing trivia next week to make more time for hard-core drinking.

We had the best time, especially when the quiz emcee put on Denis Leary's "A$$hole Song" when the game was over and our whole table was singing along like happy fools. I feel sorry for everyone that wasn't.

Before we went to Penny Lane, everyone we invited went to their website and made good use of the Parking Tips page. Why does every business in Richmond proper not have one of these?!