Mar 16, 2010

A goat by any other name OR The unbearable cuteness of being

Animals lover will bear me out on this. It comes to pass at times that you have a name all picked out for a new animal and you really dig it, but it doesn't fit or it quickly looses its luster. That's happened here with our newest buckling, the cutest baby goat in the history of ever. His original moniker, Penn, kept up with our numeric naming theme, but just didn't suit him.

His new name is Boy. Right now, we're calling him Baby Boy, because he is the sweetest little cuddle-wumpkin we've ever had. Look at his little pink nose, a first around here. He's also the only goat we've ever seen with an interrupted black dorsal stripe. He looks like he walked under a spilt can of paint.

As he grows, I imagine we'll cut it back to just Boy. But if he grows up anything like his dad (below), he'll go back to being Baby Boy for a good old ironic nickname, like Slim or Tiny.
Stagelight Painted Dreamscape, Boy's sire, looks like a cross between our first buck Belle-Rive Rainbow Warrior (we called him "Chief") and a Brahma bull.

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