Jul 30, 2010

I'm not good at blogging

It's not that I'm not good at writing blogs; I flatter myself that I have a gift for gab. When I sit down to write a blog post, a decent blog post gets written. The problem is actually sitting down and writing the blog. This is clearly evident by the random frequency of posts. I'll swear on a stack that I'm going to post every week, maybe twice a week, and I'll be lucky if I manage to do it once a month.

In an effort to ensure that our customers, fans, and friends don't miss any of the goings-on on the farm, we are proud to announce our monthly "Goat Notes" newsletter, powered by MailChimp. Each month, the newsletter will include the latest news from the farm, things to look for in the upcoming month, such as seasonal fragrances, our farmers market/craft show schedule, exclusive deals for readers, and maybe a funny picture or two.

You can sign up for the newsletter using the form below or the E-mail Signup tab on our Facebook page. You have my sworn statement that your e-mail address will never pass into other hands. (Death to spammers!)

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