Jan 22, 2011

What a Year

Hope yours was as good as ours, soap fans.

We really rocked it out in 2010, expanding to new venues, adding to our product line, and enhancing our display. And we've got no plans to slow down in 2011. Here are a few teasers:

After a good first year, we're looking forward to bringing back our CSA, a program guaranteed to save regular local customers money. We're negotiating booth spaces with popular farmers markets even now. You can read more about it online.

Kidding season
The most wonderful time of the year around here, though I'm not exactly sure when it will be. We'll probably have 10 kids born this season and you'll be able to watch them live in their box in the living room.

We've had our current logo for more than four years (an eternity for someone as hyper as me), so it's time for a new look! Keep your eyes open for our new logo (actually a different take on the current logo) to begin appearing online, on product labels and even as a soap mold.

With great clarity, I have recently come to realize that I can't possibly grow my business without some more hands. To this end, we will be offering part-time employment in production and sales later this year.

A Goat by Any Other Name
Over the past nine years, we have named lots of baby goats, passles and scads of them. To help us come up with enough names (often a dozen or so), we like to have a theme. We've done everything from cars, to Lord of the Rings characters, to herbs and spices. It's January already and we haven't chosen this year's theme. What do you think would make a good naming theme for our baby goats? Things like constellations (i.e. Orion), nuts (i.e. Filbert), and Warner Brothers cartoon characters have already been suggested. Chime in here or on our Facebook page.

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