Jul 19, 2011

Our New Logo!

Be on the look-out for our stylish new logo, designed by Alan Francis, tech genius.

It's a simplified version of the logo we've used for half the life of the business. It will work better in both large applications, like banners, and very small applications, like labels, than the old logo. The new design will infiltrate slowly, mostly as we use up stuff with the old logo on it.

If this image looks familiar, that's because it's also the basis of our custom-made soap molds and their resultant new soap shapes.

In case you missed it...

It was kind of a big deal. I got struck by lightning and my house burnt up. If you haven't heard me run at the mouth with all the details, jump over here for the whole story.

Things are pretty good in my little flat down the road. The executive decision had to be made, though, to only produce soaps until I'm back at the farm where I belong. If you need any skin care or baby products, I have a few on hand, but I won't be making any batches of anything until probably mid-September. Many of those products don't ship in the summer anyway because of their meltiness.

Now for some good news: The website is back in action (apart from products I never ship in the summer), so you can order individual bars again, and the Mixed Bags will still be there.