Oct 24, 2011

We're home!

It took five months, but finally, no more twice-daily drives to milk the goats! At first, I would find myself picking up my keys at chore time, only to have to remind myself that I'm already there, that I can simply walk outside, as it's supposed to be.

And I got my dog back! Since the night of the fire, he'd been living in the nice, big yard at my sister's house. I would visit him each evening after chores, but that's not the same as having him follow me around the house, sleep beside my bed, or insist I rub his belly with my feet while I sit at my desk.

An independent expert (i.e. my mom) confirmed that five months is the longest I have ever lived without a dog - ever! Thank goodness I was albe to take my indoor cats to the apartment with me or I would've gone stark raving berzerk.

But enough about all that. What does the move home mean for the business? It means I can resume production of all of my products, as soon as I get all the boxes unpacked, of course. One silver lining of the fire was that it gave me the chance to completely overhaul the organization of my soap factory. Only a few weeks before the fire, I had annexed a second room in the house for soapmaking, just in time to have to move the whole shebang into the living room of a one bedroom apartment. The new layout should help to make me more efficient, allowing me to make more soap and products with the same limited number of hours each day.

Now there may still be some shortages as far as the soap goes. Production interruptions, such as moving your business into a building the contractor hasn't finished repairing, don't manifest for about a month (the soaps need four weeks to cure; that's why they last so long). I am fully confident, however, that I'll be able to keep the tables full of product for the last two months of this year and beyond.