Jul 4, 2014

We're Getting There

A Little at a Time, Soap fans,
We're still getting back on our feet and up to speed after the temporary shut-down, which was supposed to be for five months and now looks like it will ultimately have been for fifteen months.  Each time we'd hit what felt like "bottom," I'd think, "Okay, now I can formulate a plan and get us out of this."  Then, something else would happen and we'd hit a new "bottom."  Finally, it seems like everything has stabilized (*touch wood*) and we can truly get back to business.

Many of your contributed to our Kiva Zip crowd-funded micro-loan and for that we are very grateful.  The funds will not go as far as we'd originally hoped, but was still invaluable.

We were able to get some supplies in and I've weaned this year's baby goats so that the meager milkings (and they are meager) can all go into the soaps.  The website is open and taking orders.

Mixed Bags are back on-line.  If you love a value and a mystery, they're a great way to get your goat milk soap fix.

The plan from here is to ship normally* through the summer and be back at our craft shows and street fairs in October.  That's the plan, anyway.

On The Lighter Side These baby goats seem to think they're birds.  Hens, specifically.

Here we see Zoe and Annie sue, nesting on top of the stacks of hay in the shed, a good 6 feet off the ground.

I still love that shed.  It seems silly to love a shed, but we no longer lose hay to rain-cum-mold and Bobby and I built it together.  It was kind of his first gift to me.

Farmers are a different breed, I tell you what.

*(As is typical for summer, we won't be shipping any products that melt, like lotion, body butter, lip balm, etc.)